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10 Facts: Gettysburg
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Shaka Zulu: The conquests of Shaka Zulu, founder of the Zulu Empire, were due to his military innovations in organization, training, weapons and tactics that led to the creation of a nearly invincible army by It is in the public domain. War is bad, heaven knows, but slavery is far worse. Oliver O. Civil War historians and photo-historians have uncovered documentary evidence suggesting that this image of Union forces was taken by Andrew J. George B. Army Navy Marine Corps.

The Civil War lasted from — and resulted in the deaths of more than , Americans, soldiers on both the Union and Confederate sides. Each of the hard-fought battles on this list is said to have had more than 19, casualties including those who were either killed or wounded. The numbers of people who died during the Civil War are only estimates.

10 Surprising Civil War Facts

In , American historian J. David Hacker reported research he had conducted comparing male and female survival rates in U.

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Hacker believes, and his assertions have been supported by other historians, that the most probable number of deaths attributable to the Civil War is ,, and that the number may have been as much as , That number includes not just battle casualties but also people who died from their injuries, as well as mortality from diseases, malnutrition, and exposure from the large numbers of black and white refugees from the South, and even for those civilians who did not become refugees. The , statistic was revised upward several times after the original numbers estimated during post-war Reconstruction.

In particular, Confederate losses were greater than reported, in part because General Lee's commanders were pressured to under-report.

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The Civil War was devastating for the United States. Despite the pinpoint accuracy of some of the numbers listed below, they are almost certainly too low. Gettysburg was by all accounts the most destructive battle of the Civil War. Conducted between July 1—3, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the battle resulted in a reported 51, casualties of which 28, were Confederate soldiers. The Union was considered the winner of the battle.

The Greatest General of the Civil War

The Battle of Chickamauga took place in Georgia between September 19—20, It was a victory for the Confederacy that resulted in a reported 34, total casualties of which 16, were Union soldiers. There were 30, casualties reported of which 18, were Union soldiers.

9 Worst Generals in History

The battle is considered to have ended in a stalemate. The Battle of the Wilderness took place in Virginia between May 5—7, The Confederacy won this battle, and Union losses in the battle were reported as around 17,, while the Confederates were approximately 11, The Battle of Chancellorsville took place in Virginia from May 1—4, It resulted in 24, casualties of which 14, were Union soldiers.

The Confederates won the battle. Between April 6—7, , the Battle of Shiloh raged in Tennessee.

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The battlefield itself is among the best resources for historians and others to learn about the battle. The unique terrain, when used in conjunction with the words of those who fought here, images created on the ground, and monuments placed by the veterans, provides an unparalleled learning opportunity. We must continue to work to preserved this hallowed ground. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Every purchase supports the mission.

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Skip to main content. Civil War. Quick Facts. July , Fact 1 : The battle was fought at Gettysburg because of the area road system—it had nothing to do with shoes. View of The Wheatfield on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Violet Clark. Join t Fight.

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Abraham Lincoln. The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 51, acres in 24 states! Save 42 Acres. Donate Now.

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