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Though probably not the first gospel to be written Mark likely has that distinction , the Gospel according to Matthew comes first in our New Testament. This is appropriate since Matthew is the most Jewish of the Gospels and also the one most closely linked to the Old Testament and to the prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah.

While Western cultures tend to have little interest in genealogies, viewing them as tedious curiosities, Matthew and his readers would have considered this announcement to be the most exciting news of all time. God called Abraham to leave his homeland in Ur of Mesopotamia and to go to a place he would show him.

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God made a covenant with Abraham, promising to create from him a great nation Israel , to give him the Promised Land Canaan and through his descendant to bless all nations of the earth Gen —3. Twelve hundred years after Abraham, when Israel was established in the Land, God made a covenant with King David, promising him that his dynasty would be established forever and that one of his descendants would reign on his throne forever 2 Sam For example, when King Herod asks the chief priests and teachers of the law where the Messiah was to be born, they quote Micah , to confirm his Bethlehem birth.

Does he distort the meaning of the text to fit his agenda? Is he ignoring the most fundamental principles of biblical interpretation: context, context, context? Christians in the West tend to look to prophecy for its apologetic value. Seen from this perspective, Hosea is part of a larger Israel-Jesus typology that Matthew develops throughout his Gospel. Just as Israel was tested for 40 years in the wilderness, so Jesus is tested by Satan for 40 days in the wilderness Matt While Israel repeatedly failed to obey God, Jesus remains faithful and obedient. Sometimes the Servant is identified with the nation Israel Isa , , , and sometimes as an individual who brings salvation to the nation Isa , —7, , , But Israel turned inward and failed to fulfill their calling.

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This book outlines what the Bible teaches about the Jewish people and religion. Jewish Themes in the New Testament is an examination of what the New. A. Roy Eckardt, a pioneer in the field of Jewish-Christian relations, asserted that the foundation Literature at the Hebrew Union College, there are ten themes in the New Testament that have been a source of anti-Judaism and antisemitism.

Jesus, by contrast, remains faithful to his mission and shows himself to be the true Servant of the Lord. Jesus is a new Moses, inaugurating the new covenant and bringing the law given at Mount Sinai to its fulfillment. All of these have their roots in the Old Testament and point in one way or another to the theme of fulfillment and the coming of the kingdom of heaven. So who was Matthew and why did he write this Gospel? Strictly speaking, all four Gospels are anonymous, meaning that the authors do not name themselves. Church tradition, however, tells us that the author of the first gospel was Matthew, a tax collector Jesus called to be his disciple Matt , Little else is known about Matthew.

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For whom did Matthew write? Moses continues to develop the Seed theme, to the King, then in Deuteronomy he presents the Prophet like Moses. Feasts of Israel : In Leviticus 23 Moses gives a descriptive list of the feasts.

Jesus is the answer, but the answer to what, exactly?

What becomes so interesting is that these agricultural feasts are and will be fulfilled by the life and ministry of Jesus in the New Testament. The first four feasts called the spring feasts were all fulfilled on the day of these Jewish feasts! Then we have the last three feasts called the fall feasts which are yet to be fulfilled.

Is the New Testament Jewish?

Again they are connected to Israel, the Jewish people. But is the Jewish background understood? First, the I Am statements of Jesus are a statement of deity.

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We see the Pharisees reaction in John Thou art the Rock: Jesus made that statement to Peter that has been totally misapplied because the Jewish ness of the Scriptures was not consulted. The term Rock had a predefined definition from the Hebrew Scriptures, if you look at places like Deuteronomy , 15, 18; 1 Samuel ; 2 Samuel and many other passages in the Psalms you will find that the term Rock was another name to describe God. Peter was an apostle, he is not God. Yet when the testimony of Scripture is consulted we find that whether it is the Old or New Testament Jesus is the one who reveals the Father.

In other words Jesus did not begin His ministry is Bethlehem, but at creation and He interacted with the patriarchs and the prophets. When you look at the testimony of John the Baptist is John , or the testimony of Jesus Himself in John , 39 and 46 or Luke , 44 and compare that with Matthew where Jesus presents Himself as the God of Israel in the Old Testament that wanted to protect and provide for Israel.

Couple all that with the plural references of God in the Old Testament we begin to see that the Jewish perspective of the Scriptures become more potent, real and alive. If you look at Revelation it clearly states that His name is the Word of God.

Beyond that we know little, yet when is it studied in the light of the Jewish background a whole tidal wave of refreshment comes. Jesus is tying together teaching not just from Jeremiah, but Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah as well as other prophets who are all connecting the New Covenant with the regeneration of the heart.

This promise of regeneration would be through the blood of Messiah. Blood atonement was pictured through the whole sacrificial system at the Temple. It was to illustrate a future sacrifice of the Lamb of God who would bring salvation through His blood.

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Yet when the testimony of Scripture is consulted we find that whether it is the Old or New Testament Jesus is the one who reveals the Father. Paul boasts that he " was circumcised the eight day, of the nation of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; as to the Law a Pharisee " Philippians Ridderbos, H. Salvation Through Faith in Christ In his final letter to the new churches in Romans, Paul summarizes his lifelong question about the relationship between Jewish law, which requires certain observances and actions, and faith in the grace offered by God through Jesus Christ, which is given freely and without regard for good works. These four covenants all come together in one people, the Jewish Messiah , and our saviour Jesus Christ. Baskind would rather argue for the acceptance of Jewishness simply as one of the multiple identities which most people possess, and for a mode of art history that is able to deal simultaneously with all of them.

This is so rich and yet because the Jewish background has been ignored, the church does not understand that all that we possess as believers in Jesus Christ is a direct result of the New Covenant and the blood of the Messiah. Conclusion : I apologize that I have to skim over these subject so lightly. But I could go on and on and showing the Jewish ness of the Scripture and the extreme importance of understanding the Jewish ness of the Scriptures. I help this has been enlightening and challenging to read and that it will encourage you to look to the Scriptures from the Jewish background as God Himself presented it to us.

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The Jewishness of the New Testament

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Metzger This is an article on the Jewish background of the Scriptures. The answer is yes, and here are some important points to understand: First point is that God is the author of Scripture; it is not a man-made document. Second the Bible was written by Jewish men over the span of years. Third the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12 is a Jewish covenant.

The ramifications of this covenant echoes off of every page of Scripture.

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Fourth Israel is at the hub of everything that God in doing as He reveals Himself to the Jewish people as well as to all the peoples of the earth. Fifth the promise of the Seed, the redeemer of mankind is focused on a Jewish Messiah. Sixth the history that is intricately inter-twain throughout the Bible is Jewish history. Seventh the Bible is written from a Jewish cultural perspective. Eighth the central focus of the whole Bible is wrapped up in one person, Jesus Christ who is Jewish.

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