Rethinking Sales

Entrepreneur: Rethinking Sales and Marketing in the 'Post-Truth' Era
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A First Appointment would be worth 4 points. Here is where you have to really manage the process and drive your sales activity. Those calls are, for the most part, pointless and result free.

Accelerated Sales Performance

If you need to be calling on the C-suite in order to get a decision, why reward your people for calling on the stockroom manager? The difference is stark — a First Appointment, with a pre-set agenda, with a target contact type, is worth 20 points. An agenda-free call with a non-target is worth 1 point. A Proposal is a critical step in the sales process; done correctly, it signifies that you are on the lip of the cup of a sale.

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Hence, we should recognize a Proposal more than other activity. Of course, our variables need to come into play here, as well. A solution has been presented that is agreeable to the customer. And then a specific price for specific service is quoted.

This data should be logged in your CRM. If all this is present, give double points. Face-to-face presentation of a proposal to a target contact type: 5x points. Again, presentation to a decision maker for a target account is nearly priceless. Based on our scale, a Qualified Proposal, presented face to face, to a target contact type, would be worth 50 points.

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Finally is the question of where to put your weekly point quota. Set your target appropriately, then build in the variables to your CRM. First, it appears these efficiencies it will actually involve hiring more people and hence, adding cost. In general this is not true because while a constraint is in play — someone is waiting on that person. The second objection to reducing constraints is theoretical. The AV Sales-Design-Integration process is traditionally linear: Each person hands off a completed or not task to the next person in line.

By breaking down tasks into manageable pieces, the process can be altered such that a person may touch smaller pieces of the project many times during its life effectively eliminating a traditional handoff. Realigning tasks helps ensure that each task is completed, but it also allows more tasks to occur simultaneously. A person that only looks up prices at a particular step will be much more efficient at it than someone that also has to decide which part to use. A Project Manager might do a more realistic labor estimate than an Engineer.

And a Lead Tech will probably do a more thorough site survey than anyone that is doing it now. Remember, the longer a proposal loiters around the sales pricing stage, the lower the price will go. The net result of a more efficient Sales and Delivery System is the opportunity to go after more jobs at higher margins.

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Mistakes are reduced because more people touch the project even before the job is won. Productivity will be up because employees will become accustomed to quickly finishing tasks.

The first step is to admit that you are addicted to the notion that someone else is responsible for your shrinking margins. Learn how to optimize the most important part of your sales process.

Rethinking Sales’ Go-to-Market Strategy

Enter your name and email to download your free guide:. Thank god, he also saw some potential in me. When my sales manager partnered me with Fred, I learned quickly that he was the top performer in the office. Fred was earning that…in a week. And I learned something even more important from him. He taught me how he had become so successful in his work. Fred and I talked a lot about the approaches I was using to sell life insurance. I explained how I had been following all the sales techniques the company had taught me to use.

Rethinking Sales: Business Developers & Seller-Doers Use Different Approaches

Fred taught me to rethink my sales approach—to trust my instincts and to be weary of sales techniques especially the ones with the cute names. If you devote all your energies to following one of these techniques, you can become more preoccupied with adhering to its processes and its steps than with listening to the needs of your prospects and clients.

Once I started looking at sales in this new light, I was able to rethink what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.


Compre o livro Rethinking the Sales Force: Redefining Selling to Create and Capture Customer Value na confira as ofertas para livros em. Compre Rethinking Sales Management: A Strategic Guide for Practitioners ( English Edition) de Beth Rogers na Confira também os eBooks .

What was missing from my approach were the very things that had the potential of turning me into a great sales person—being a good listener, being a problem solver, being sincerely interested in others. Let me be clear. Rethinking the sales process is all about finding a common-sense approach, building on those strengths, so you can work with, listen to and tend to the needs of your customers. I was lucky to have Fred as a teacher and to have had a boss whose faith in me was unwavering.

I learned a lot and probably just in the nick of time, too.