Ghosts of Alaska: The Haunted Locations of Juneau and Skagway

Top 11 Most Haunted Hotels in Alaska
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The staff members claim that she is bound to room number 23 on the third floor. Some hearty souls do come up the road from British Columbia to Whitehorse in the Yukon and then travel back down route 2 to Skagway. It is a very old hotel. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. During the Klondike Gold Rush, prospectors used the Chilkoot Trail, originally a trade route carved out by the Tlingets, to cross over the mountains to Dawson City, Yukon.

People say that this place is haunted by a lady whose presence can be felt in and around the building. The staff members claim that she is bound to room number 23 on the third floor. It is said that she once went there with her husband. He then went on a gold expedition. Meanwhile this lady caught pneumonia and sadly, died.

There was no one to help her. The local people of this place claim to have heard the choking voices and sometimes an unknown appearance.

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People say that they have seen some weird unknown things and cannot describe what they saw. Visit Tonsina River Lodge only if you dare. Many guests come and stay here on a daily basis. They claim to have heard footsteps not knowing where they were coming from.


They also sometimes felt like someone was smoking tobacco. Although when they checked, there was no one smoking anything. This is a very old guest house and stories like these are common to this place. Read More. Not Adventure Lovers? At this place, in earlier days guests used to come and stay at this lodge. So out of the many guests that came and stayed here, some of them claim to have felt the presence of some unknown and unexplained things.

They have also heard voices of banging on the door, curtains opening and closing at night. They have experience some weird phenomenons. Although recently this place got destroyed in due to fire.

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This place is a hotel where usually the guests come and stay. Some of the guests who have stayed here previously claim to have seen an unusual apparition-like figure. According to the locals, this image resembles a huge man who usually spends the night in room number The guests staying here claim to have seen things like doors opening and closing. The guests claim to have seen many unusual figures, not knowing whether they were humans or ghosts.

They claim to have heard weird noises of unknown things. The second floor is considered to be more unusual than the rest. The opening and closing of doors and chattering voices can be heard. This place was built in It is a very old hotel.

Some people who are local to this place claim to have seen a lady, not knowing who she was. People say that she used to live here at one point of time. She was in her late fifties and her presence is felt sometimes.

Van Gilder Hotel is frequented by visitors throughout the year who make the same claims. According to the locals, the people who work in and around this place claim to have seen unusual figures roaming in the building. The new reports highlight a man who is usually seen in the lift or just walking on the floor and all of a sudden vanishing into thin air. Alaska is both a land of heaven and adventure.

Haunted Places in Alaska

The scenic views that you will see here will make you feel the presence of God all around you. But at the same time, there are some things which are inexplicable felt by tourists who visit here, that have been given the name of paranormal activities. Osbourne, is a television personality and the son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne.

The footage reminded Adams that she had seen similar orbs of light floating in frames near the stage by the bar portion of the business, she said. She said she has seen figures moving out of the corner of her eyes, dogs have raised their hackles and barked at thin air and the feeling that something else is in the room is a familiar one.

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It will also be shown again Saturday at noon, per the online schedule. Adams said the bar will have the TV tuned to the episode Friday night. Filming for the show took place during October and took about a week, Adams said. Still, she said she is glad it happened. It was nailed to the wall, and it just fell off.

Alaska has a lot going on right now.

I had a mirror on the wall in one of my bathrooms fall off the wall with someone barely touching it. Follow him on Twitter at BenHohenstatt. Unofficial results show Election Day winners and losers. You must sign in or register to continue reading content. Next Forget diamonds. This new shop on Franklin showcases all local craftsmen.