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Between and , Tampa witnessed more than 25 gangland killings. Among them, on Nov. A year later, Joe Vaglichi, whose brother was Al Capone's bodyguard, died in a hail of bullets from another passing car. Visitors can now catch a glimpse of some restless spirits dressed in zoot suits and Fedoras during the Ybor City Ghost Tour , which takes place nightly at 8 p. The two-hour tour includes visits to a number of the city's historic venues including the Don Vincente Hotel.

Built in , the structure served as a hotel, a meeting house El Bien Publico and a medical clinic. Today, it is considered one of the most haunted buildings in the United States, according to Haunted Rooms. The year-old property at Avenida Republica De Cuba witnessed a number of sudden deaths, and the spirits of the dead are reportedly trapped inside the building, which has been turned into apartments. Room in the Don Vincente Hotel, in particular, was a reported hot spot of paranormal activity. Many guests reported seeing the apparition of a man at the foot of the bed. Other common ghostly signs included flickering lights, creaky footsteps, doors opening and closing and faucets turning on and off.

There are also reports of a mad doctor who experimented on patients and then burned the bodies in the incinerator and a Spanish nurse who wanders the halls seeking phantom patients. Also notoriously haunted is the The Cuban Club , built in The hauntings at the historic club are attributed to the ghosts of two people who died in the building during the s. One is an actor who committed suicide on stage.

The other is a board member who was murdered by a fellow board member during a heated argument. Visitors have reported a piano playing by itself, the elevator moving up and down although no one pressed the button and entities dressed in period clothing. Click here to make reservations or call A theme park is hardly a place you'd expect to find ghosts but, believe it or not, the Crown Colony House at Busch Gardens is said to be haunted.

The restaurant that looms over the Serengeti Overlook has a reputation for strange happenings like trays of food suddenly flipping over, dancing orbs, moving shadows and a mysterious waft of cigar smoke. The ghost-hunting team, Haunted South , even recorded some of these spooky happenings when Busch Gardens allowed the paranormal researchers on its grounds in to investigate.

Master and slave

Haunted South picked up electronic voice phenomenon and mysterious electromagnetic impulses in the restaurant. The restaurant was built in as a Valentine's gift for the third wife of Anheuser-Busch founder August Busch. It closed in for remodeling and reopened in That's when employees and diners began reporting strange happenings -- cold spots, a phantom playing the piano and the ethereal appearance of an 8-year-old girl named Wendy.

Plant Hall with its distinctive Moorish minarets is now part of the University of Tampa. But from to , it was a luxurious room hotel that served as a grand winter resort for the rich and famous including Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, the Queen of England, Booker T. Washington and Stephen Crane. Apparently, some of these guests refused to check out and continue to haunt the halls today.

People have reported hearing the disembodied voices of long-dead servants and the sounds of rolling dice in the hotels former gambling casino. Students report an eerie feeling of being watched and doors opening and closing on their own. The best-known specter is the entity known simply as "The Brown Man. He appears and vanishes on staircases throughout Plant Hall.

There is also a phantom couple who have been seen dancing the night away in the hotel's former ballroom. James McCabe Theater , 5th St.

Look Around You: Ghosts

The theater started out as the Valrico Civic Center and later became home to the Village Players community theater troupe. It has long been a notorious haunt for a male spirit who responds to questions and a little girl who plays tricks and hums.

15 Signs That Indicate There Might Be A Ghost Around You

In , Plant City Paranormal Research, in cooperation with United Paranormal International's Historic Preservation Society, investigated the claims of spirits and claimed to leave with evidence that the old building really is haunted. The last place you'd expect to find ghosts is in a municipal parking garage. But there are those who swear that the Fort Brooke parking garage is haunted. In , Secretary of War John C. Calhoun ordered the establishment of a military post on the east bank of the Hillsborough River in Tampa near Hillsborough Bay.

The post was named Fort Brooke after its commander, Col. George Mercer Brooke, and became a vital outpost during the two Seminole Indian wars. The main fort sat on the site of today's Tampa Convention Center. Two cannons from the fort were relocated to the University of Tampa campus. When the city of Tampa began building the Fort Brook parking garage in , workers accidentally unearthed a cemetery that contained the remains of soldiers and Seminole Indians.

The soldiers were reburied in military fashion and the remains of the Seminole Indians were relocated to the grounds of the Seminole Indian Reservation off Hillsborough Avenue in East Tampa. Preservationist were careful to treat the remains with respect. But it's possible they didn't recover all of the bones. Parking patrons say they have heard the ghostly sounds of Native Americans drumming and chanting, and have seen strange shadow figures.

As evidenced by today's Gasparilla Festival, a big part of Tampa's history featured pirates and privateers who would hide their booty-filled galleons in the shelter of the Hillsborough River.

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Some say they can still hear her and when our player piano turns on by itself as it often does! Also we may see the spirit of our animals as they go to the other side. However, despite extensive renovations, the building hasn't been able to escape its notorious past. Reviewed October 24, via mobile Nice tour. Excellent After my talk had ended and I was leaving the room, a man stopped me. Premier Rooms Hotel Bethlehem provides charming accommodations and world-class service in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The Sulphur Springs Water Tower is reported to have been one of the places pirate ships landed. The water tower was built atop an artesian well in by Grover Poole to supply adequate water pressure to the Sulphur Springs Hotel and Mave's Arcade that developer Josiah S. Richardson built next to the therapeutic sulphur springs. But before the tower was constructed, the site was supposedly home to a lighthouse that served as a marker on many pirate treasure maps. According to local legend, it is now haunted by the spirits of long-dead pirates who are still searching for the treasure that was never found.

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If something smells a bit funky in your apartment, it may be more than your kitchen trash. One of the most common ways to identify the presence of a ghost is through scent. Ghostly smells will usually be somewhat familiar, such as perfume, cologne, or the distinctive aroma of tobacco from a cigar.

Sometimes, however, these scents are a bit less pleasant: The smell of sulfur has also been connected to hauntings. Have you heard thumping on the stairs, watched doors swing open, or noticed photographs suddenly askew?

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Unexplained physical shifts in your environment is another easy way to identify a haunting. Poltergeist hauntings are said to be the rarest, as well as the most dramatic.

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GHOSTS ARE ALL AROUND YOU EVEN IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE I understand what could be scarier then looking into a mirror and seeing someone who isn't. If you followed the Dear David saga on Twitter, or you've seen any So, whether you feel it or not, there's probably a ghost hanging around your pad. 3. Feelings Of Being Watched. Giphy. When you're being watched by.

These abrasive entities make their presence known in a very big way. Loud knocking sounds, rearranged furniture, or even mysterious flames have all been attributed to the presence of a poltergeist. Hang clearing crystals in your doorways or windowsills; this sends a less aggressive message than burning sage and offers a calming energy that serves a paranormal olive-branch. Further, dogs are also known to foresee imminent tsunamis, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena.

Note how they interact with the unfamiliar space: What are they investigating?

There are potential explanations (even if some people won't believe them).

Where are they drawn? Where are they avoiding? If the animal seems to be reacting — for better or for worse — your suspicions may be confirmed. You, my friend, are living in a haunted house. Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. Ghosts are spirits that have not yet had closure with leaving. By Kaleigh Fasanella. Unusual Scents If something smells a bit funky in your apartment, it may be more than your kitchen trash.

10 Real-Life Haunted Hotels That You Can Actually Stay In

Object Movement or Unidentifiable Sounds Have you heard thumping on the stairs, watched doors swing open, or noticed photographs suddenly askew? Read More. By Brennan Kilbane. By Devon Abelman. By Leah Prinzivalli.